School Uniform

We encourage all our children in school to wear our school uniform and the school colours are emerald green and gold.


Foundation One (Nursery)

Uniform does not have to be worn in Foundation 1, but most parents like to use it. It also means you wont have to worry about your child spoiling their home clothes at school when they do messy activities!

Girls and Boys – Foundation 2, Year One  and Year Two:

  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore dress
  • Emerald green round neck, v-neck or cardigan style sweatshirt – embroidered with the school badge *
  • White polo shirt; plain or embroidered with the school badge *
  • White blouse, shirt or roll neck top
  • Green and gold striped tie, but only if it is on elastic (Not for Foundation Stage)
  • Yellow and white school summer dress, small checks or stripes
  • White or grey socks, or white, grey or green tights
  • Bottle green outdoor fleece embroidered with the school logo *
  • Shoes may be any colour but must be in a sensible style with – flat heels and easy for your child to fasten by them self.

Children should not wear trainers or open-toed shoes to school, nor any other items deemed by the Head teacher to be inappropriate for school wear.  Jewellery and nail polish are not part of the uniform. Children may wear headbands in school colours but with no embellishments. Similarly, hairstyles should have no markings, artwork or shapes cut into them.

Items marked with an asterisk * are available from Monkhouse (previously Early Years School Wear), or MyClothing (online). All other items are available from major chain stores or other high street shops.  If any parent experiences financial difficulties Mrs Ward will be happy to discuss any issues sensitively and in confidence.

For PE children will need:

  • Plain white or black shorts
  • Plain white round necked T-shirt
  • Black elasticated pumps (please check regularly for fit – one pair won’t last all year!)
  • Children in Foundation 1 do not need shorts and tee shirts for PE but will need pumps and a bag to keep them in.

Foundation 1 and 2

All children in Foundation Stage will need a book bag, available to purchase through ParentPay and collected from the school office, and a pair of wellies for playing outside on damp days and a sun hut to protect them from the sun on hot days.

Please remember to ensure that all clothing is clearly named to help prevent it getting lost at school. It is very hard to return un-named clothes to children as all the items look the same!

For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind in school. Pierced earrings are particularly dangerous and should not be worn under any circumstances. If there is a reason why jewellery must be worn for religious reasons parents should talk to Mrs Ward. Such cases will be dealt with sensitively and with respect for religious beliefs.

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