Our vision at Cranmore, is that children will experience the fun and enjoyment of learning mathematics.

This will be through lively and effective teaching lessons which are focused and well planned to meet the needs of all learners. Our aims are as follows:

  • Pupils will participate in exciting mathematical enquiry and investigation, experiencing the awe and wonder of pattern, connections and relationships.
  • Children will have opportunities to use and apply their knowledge in practical tasks, when solving real life problems within the areas of number, geometry and measurement.
  • Pupils are challenged to think mathematically and engage in rich mathematical discussion using appropriate vocabulary to explain their reasoning and ideas concisely.
  • Each pupil will be inspired to have a positive attitude towards mathematics and an awareness of the fascinating, aesthetic and creative aspects of the subject.
  • Provide an opportunity to develop logical thinking, independence of mind and the necessary skills and processes that are required for later study.
  • Pupils develop the mathematical knowledge and understanding required to enable them to become competent mathematicians using a range of skills to solve problems inside and outside of the classroom environment and across a variety of subjects.
  • Children have the opportunity to become proficient in calculating, using a range of mental and written strategies whilst developing a flexible and fluent approach to working with numbers.
  • Foster strong links between home and school and provide a range of opportunities for parents to be involved with their child’s mathematical learning (for example parent workshops).
  • To make Maths meaningful through extra-curricular links particularly through ICT and Science.

Whole School Maths Curriculum Plan (PDF)

Subject Progression Overview (PDF)

Further Information:

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