Our Governors


We work to ensure our school delivers the highest quality education for your children. The governors are responsible and accountable for ensuring that the school discharges its statutory duties under the law.We ensure that the leadership and management of the school have appropriate plans and resources in place to deliver a high quality and effective learning experience for all the children at Cranmore Infant School, whatever their ages and ability, so that every child can achieve his or her full potential.

The Governing Body also acts as a ‘critical friend’, monitoring performance and attainment, managing the budgets and overseeing the maintenance of the premises, to ensure that the school is always providing an effective education.

As governors, we take our safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. We ensure that we all read appropriate documents and we ensure that safeguarding remains a constant feature of our agendas and that we can support and challenge school leaders in their work. There is a named governor responsible for safeguarding, special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and all areas of the curriculum. We have designated Governors for safeguarding, special needs and wellbeing as well as key areas of the schools improvement plan.

All governors undertake training. This can be on a group or individual basis, including ‘Introduction to Governors’, ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Safer Recruitment’ and specific areas determined by their role in school.


Full Governors’ meetings are held at least once every half term, incorporating the following committees:

  • Resources Committee – this committee monitors and evaluates the utilisation of all physical, financial and human resources. The committee looks at best value for money and ensures that the school is sufficiently resourced to implement all aspects of the School Improvement Plan. We oversee and scrutinise budgets for Pupil Premium and Sports Premium. We also ensure our school site is fit for purpose and all areas of health and safety are addressed.
  • Teaching and Learning Standards Committee – this committee monitors and evaluates the standards of teaching and learning and the impact that this makes on children’s achievement and attainment. The committee monitors how the school ensures that set targets are achieved.The Governing Body adopts, reviews and monitors a range of policies that govern the operation of the school including health and safety, behaviour, complaints, child protection, curriculum and performance management. Relevant policies, and others, can be found on this website or alternatively hard copies can be obtained through the school office.

The Governing Body currently consists of eleven members (following re-constitution in 2020)

Governors of the school are drawn from four categories laid down by Central Government, as shown below (with number of governors in each category):

  • Staff Governors (including Head Teacher) x 2
  • Co-opted Governors x 4
  • Local Authority Appointees x 1
  • Parents of pupils at the school x 2
Name Governor Type Date of Appointment Governor Linked Responsibility
Natalie Steele
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Co-Opted Re-elected 15/02/2022 Literacy, PSD, School Council
Becky Ward
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Ex-officio N/A
Holly Dennis
Co-Opted Re-elected 15/05/22 Geography, History, Music, EYFS, Little Acorns
Janet Marsh Local Authority Re-elected 20/06/19 Pupil Premium, Safeguarding, LAC, Inclusion (SEND, G&T, EAL), Art, D&T
Leanne Arrowsmith Staff N/A
Julie Carter Co-Opted 01/11/22
Laura Freeman Co-Opted N/A
Emma Talibudeen Parent 15/02/2022
Kulsum Burhani Parent 15/02/2022

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